Thursday, March 31, 2011

Full Body Portraiture Poses aka Mistakes to Avoid

There is a reason why hands should be placed on hips, and not anywhere else, for full body portraits.

Such are mistakes to learn from and not commit.

Picture was first seen here

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Fly 28 March 2011

Was outside my home when I noticed this fly on my potted plants (yet again).

Not sure if its the same fly but I quickly went in and assembled my 100mm macro lens and flash and proceeded to take the following shots.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lower Peirce Night Macro 26 March 2011

Too eager to try out my modifications to the existing DIY Macro Flash Diffuser kit, I asked my buddy if he wanna try out night macro. 2 hours after the exchange of SMS'es, we arrived at Casuarina Road near Lower Peirce Reservoir just past midnight.

We were between the edge of the reservoir and the undergrowth. Both myself and Alex scouted for bugs along the shrubs surrounding the edge of the forest.

Armed with several torchlights, we assisted each other to shine torches at the insects while the other photographer takes the time to focus and snap, It was time-consuming but fruitful. The insects are more abundant at night and they were less difficult to spot as the darkness provided them the camouflage needed.

There were of course some weird 6/8 legged creatures, which we'd otherwse not have seen, usually.

If anyone is interested in knowing my lighting setup, do join us for our next macro shoot. Usually Friday late nights after 11pm.

A nice fat red grasshopper

This species of spider was quite commonly found at our location

Spider & Supper


Very weird insect. Could be a newly hatched grasshopper despite its size

MacRitchie Reservoir 23 March 2011

Another Macro shoot with Alex.
It's good to have a buddy when shooting macro.
Easier to spot out insects and can also assist to pull down branches for a better shot.

So here we were are MacRitchie Reservoir.
There was this particular short cement path that cuts through the undergrowth and links between the main road (Lornie Road) to the reservoir service road.

The footpath, unseen in any maps, is right in the center of the map shown below.

Although it was less than 10-20 meters in length, the amount of big & rare bugs we found there were more than the bugs found at other parts of the reservoir. Overall, it was a good shoot and it gave me the chance to try out my DIY diffuser prototype. It'd be modification of the DIY diffuser on the next shoot that will create the most satisfied lighting I am happy with.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Macro DIY Flash Diffuser from Kingfisher

I was not too happy with the lighting effects of my current DIY flash diffuser/reflector and went googling on the web for better ones.

Came across this blog site that has a good example..

May try to replicate it using stuff at home.

The expected results are as follows

Pics courtesy from King Fisher Blog

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Glam Shoot for Mrs Neo 18 March 2011

Mrs Neo just returned from a formal dinner organized by her company and she was dressed to the 9s!

Took the opportunity to snap a few portraiture poses of her before she retired for the night.

She loves the portraits very much.