Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saint Germain des Pres Shopping and Lunch at Leon's 23 Dec 2014

Everyday in Paris begins with the Metro.

St Germain des Pres. Shopping at Louis Vuitton aka LV

Disneyland Paris 22nd Dec 2014

We waited for about 30mins in the queue before we could get in Disneyland itself.

Isabel wanted to try those coaster rides but was denied because of her height.
In the end, all of us went kiddy rides with her.

Can see from her face that she wasn't too happy that day.

I promised her to bring her to Universal Studios in Singapore once she is tall enough.

This one is a dare-devil.. Don't play play...

Paris London Trip 20 Dec 2014 to 30 Dec 2014 Arrival and Eiffel Tower Night

Once we reached Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, we tried using the public train service to reach our accommodation for the first 4 days which was booked via AirBnB. I must say that I was quite impressed with the accommodation and will refer this place to all my friends visiting Paris.

The Metro Station was Place D'Italie and our residence was on top of a shopping mall that has its own supermarket (Carrefour) inside the mall.

This was day 1 of our free and easy trip

Bienvenue en France ( Welcome to France )
Lugging Serious Lugguage from CDG Airport to Place D'Italie

Eiffel Tower View from Place D'Italie Residence Balcony 22 Dec 2014

This is my 2nd time in Paris since more than 14 years ago.

Armed with a DSLR and tripod, I wasn't just gonna take shoddy pictures of the famous Eiffel Tower and blame the poor lighting conditions and bite myself not coming back with sharp pictures of the Tour de Eiffel.

Night view of Eiffel Tower from Place D'Italie

Time Lapse taken from balcony of Airbnb Place D'Italie residence

Each time I see these pictures I took, it makes me miss the place,
but strangely at the same time, 
I am also glad I came back with these photos.

Feb 2015

Paris London Trip 20 Dec 2014 to 30 Dec 2014 Pre-Departure and Transit

It was our first long haul family trip and was just the 4 of us lugging suitcases full of winter wear to both Paris and London.

Mrs Neo ( aka Christine Koh ) was in between jobs and we have a period whereby we could afford to visit these 2 countries.

We managed to book the tickets at great prices at Emirates Airlines and transited at Dubai before arriving at Paris.

Pre-departure at Changi Airport. Nathaniel trying out his grins

Dubai Transit Experience

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A wholesome day out with just me and my kids in London 28 Dec 2014 (Part 1)

It was a day of walking with their daddy and I bet they regretted not choosing to go with their mummy to go shopping (Picadilly Circus & Oxford Street) instead.

We must have done more than 10km of walking that day.

We started off our walk at Embankment station, crossed the Thames using the Millenium Bridge, saw the London Eye and it's extended queue, walked past the London Dungeon, cross the Thames River again to see Big Ben and Westminster.

And just when we thought we can just hop on a train to go from Westminster station to London Bridge, it turned out that several tube stations were closed due to maintenance and that made us walk the whole stretch from Westminster all the way across the station St James Park(closed that 2 weeks) to Victoria Station where we took the tube to London Bridge station.

During the journey, we were either looking for cafes to use their toilets or just resting at bus stops to shelter our faces from the cold winds. We caught some fun while resting at this park near to Victoria station where the kids had a fun experience of chasing pigeons, seeing a whole bunch of them take flight, make a small loop and land again in the same area.

Once we reached London Bridge station, we walked across the Thames and along it to reach the Tower Bridge and looped back to London Bridge via the opposite bank pedestrian pathways.

Nate was so knackered that he started to make some unintelligible speech and was laughing to himself after realising it.

It goes something like "OrChee Orr Orr".

When we reached London Bridge station again after so much walking, the kids were so elated to see their mum at the Station. So tired we were, we just dined at a nearby takeaway shop.

Quite a heavy day on foot for the kids but it was very memorable.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Last staycation at Fairmont 12-14 Dec 2014

Possibly our last staycation there since the Feed@Raffles membership card no longer includes free 1 night stay at its chain of hotels in Singapore.

Nonetheless, we had a good time and took many photos.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Isabel Neo (7 Dec 2014)

She wanted a party on her 10th birthday so she can have some friends come over to celebrate with her.

So we organized a party on 7 Dec 2014, just over a week before her actual birthday [17 Dec ], at home for her friends to attend.

Waiting for her friends to arrive

What have you been doing for the December holidays?