Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lower Peirce Night Macro 26 March 2011

Too eager to try out my modifications to the existing DIY Macro Flash Diffuser kit, I asked my buddy if he wanna try out night macro. 2 hours after the exchange of SMS'es, we arrived at Casuarina Road near Lower Peirce Reservoir just past midnight.

We were between the edge of the reservoir and the undergrowth. Both myself and Alex scouted for bugs along the shrubs surrounding the edge of the forest.

Armed with several torchlights, we assisted each other to shine torches at the insects while the other photographer takes the time to focus and snap, It was time-consuming but fruitful. The insects are more abundant at night and they were less difficult to spot as the darkness provided them the camouflage needed.

There were of course some weird 6/8 legged creatures, which we'd otherwse not have seen, usually.

If anyone is interested in knowing my lighting setup, do join us for our next macro shoot. Usually Friday late nights after 11pm.

A nice fat red grasshopper

This species of spider was quite commonly found at our location

Spider & Supper


Very weird insect. Could be a newly hatched grasshopper despite its size

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