Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jumping Spider Lazing on Curry Leaf Plant 25 April 2012

As an avid insect macro photographer, I also try my best to be a botanist at home.

I have accumulated more than 10 potted plants outside my house, along the common corridor and it proved to be quite useful when trying to look for insect subjects to shoot without having to travel into any forest.

Before I left the house for dinner last night, I was watering the plants. I noticed a relatively big jumping spider hopping away as it sensed the drizzle from my watering can onto the curry leaf plant that it was perching on. I was hoping that when I return after dinner, it would still be there.

When I did reach home, it was waiting for me on one of the outermost leaf of the curry leaf plant.

Without much delay, I set up my flash brackets and gave it several portraiture shots.