Monday, December 17, 2012

Westin Hotel Staycation 16th Dec 2012

Just a week prior to the Westin Stamford staycation, we had a similar staycation at Fairmont Hotel.
Extended Birthday Celebration for this young lady!

Cake courtesy of Westin Stamford Hotel

Isabel's 8th Birthday Party 14 Dec 2012

8 years ago, the night before Isabel was born, I brought Mrs Neo to watch "Blade Trinity" at 9pm.

After the movie, I whispered to the tummy, "I so can't wait to see you! Will you come out to see me soon?".

The next day, Isabel was delivered after a few hours of labour pain.

Just minutes after being delivered
Bel looking like her Daddy!
Bel at 12 months old

So she is 8 now. I wonder if she'd recall all her birthday parties... But here's one for the record for her to remember!

Zoo Breakfast 2nd Dec 2012

Having completed the 10th in camp training without missing a single one, the Army gave me a $100 voucher to use at the zoo!

Family Photo