Monday, December 17, 2012

Westin Hotel Staycation 16th Dec 2012

Just a week prior to the Westin Stamford staycation, we had a similar staycation at Fairmont Hotel.
Extended Birthday Celebration for this young lady!

Cake courtesy of Westin Stamford Hotel

Isabel's 8th Birthday Party 14 Dec 2012

8 years ago, the night before Isabel was born, I brought Mrs Neo to watch "Blade Trinity" at 9pm.

After the movie, I whispered to the tummy, "I so can't wait to see you! Will you come out to see me soon?".

The next day, Isabel was delivered after a few hours of labour pain.

Just minutes after being delivered
Bel looking like her Daddy!
Bel at 12 months old

So she is 8 now. I wonder if she'd recall all her birthday parties... But here's one for the record for her to remember!

Zoo Breakfast 2nd Dec 2012

Having completed the 10th in camp training without missing a single one, the Army gave me a $100 voucher to use at the zoo!

Family Photo

Monday, October 1, 2012

More Lower Peirce Reservoir Night Macro Expedition 29 Sept 2012

I ventured deeper into the reservoir park at Lower Peirce.

The sound of the jungle at night was creepy and there was a risk of meeting wild boars as there were some spotted there in recent years.

The air was thick and so was the undergrowth but the man-made track was wide enough for me and my gear without having to brush and disturb the insects as I walked along the track.

It was a nightful of spiders yet again.
See other spider shots of Lower Peirce Reservoir here..

Some greenish shield bug

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lower Peirce Reservoir Macro 21 Sept 2012

It was a misty night as it had just rained in the north part of Singapore early that evening.

I was disappointed along the way to see wet roads as the rain would have chased the insects into the depths of the undergrowth of the reservoir park.

But it was fortunate that some of the insects were still at the edge of the undergrowth, unwilling to move deeper in because they have taken much time to create their large webs and habitats.

More of my Lower Peirce experience and how to get there at this link here!
Read Wikipedia's entry on the Huntsman Spider.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lower Peirce Reservoir Macro 19 Aug 2012

Solo trip to Lower Peirce Reservoir Park.

Managed to see some other macro photographers there but they were already packing up at 12am when I reached.

Here are some selected shots..

For more previous treasures found at Lower Peirce Reservoir, see here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Macro shoot Lower Peirce Reservoir Park 21 July 2012

Was alone for a midnight macro shoot at Lower Peirce Reservoir Park.
The forest was pitch dark when I was under the foliage of the secondary forest of the park (see map below).

Somehow I was fearless and had only my mind on getting good shots that night and nothing else..

Monday, July 23, 2012

Blue Dragonfly @ Bedok Reservoir Canal 23 June 2012

Found this blue dragonfly perching on a cool weekend night at 2am around the Bedok Reservoir Canal area..

View Larger Map

Took a snap but I moved too close on my second attempt and the dragonfly actually CHARGED at me... knocking into my exposed forehead before taking off and abandoning the perching branch.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jumping Spider Lazing on Curry Leaf Plant 25 April 2012

As an avid insect macro photographer, I also try my best to be a botanist at home.

I have accumulated more than 10 potted plants outside my house, along the common corridor and it proved to be quite useful when trying to look for insect subjects to shoot without having to travel into any forest.

Before I left the house for dinner last night, I was watering the plants. I noticed a relatively big jumping spider hopping away as it sensed the drizzle from my watering can onto the curry leaf plant that it was perching on. I was hoping that when I return after dinner, it would still be there.

When I did reach home, it was waiting for me on one of the outermost leaf of the curry leaf plant.

Without much delay, I set up my flash brackets and gave it several portraiture shots.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ( Dairy Farm Entrance ) 24th March 2012

Feeling the need to try something different, I took the courage to use the Raynox DC-250 with my 100mm macro lens.

This Raynox magnification adapter had been lying in my dry cabinet for the longest time. The reason why I have not been using it because it is unable to allow the lens (coupled with the adapter) to focus to infinity.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mating Couples at Venus Drive 6th March 2012

Venus Drive on a hot afternoon has nothing much except some medium sized spiders and the mating fly species shown on the first picture. ( Identified from Frederick Ho's blog as the Micropezid Fly aka Mimegralla Albimana )

It must be mating season for this species as many mating couples was seen on the leaves, doing it in the open in clear view of predators.

I guess when it's mating season, the urge to mate supersedes the need to survive...
Or perhaps the importance of survival as a species supersedes the importance of survival as an individual.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back from the Dead

I thought I was dying back then when I posted this post.

But I didn't die.

Though I sold off all my camera equipment in Nov 2011, I bought all back in 2012.

With my newly purchased equipment, I went macro shooting again!