Friday, March 7, 2014

Solo Midnight Macro along Sungei Serangoon in Sengkang 6th March 2014

Amaze and Awe of Nature by Tiny Eyes
When we were younger, we are often amazed by tiny things seen by our tiny eyes.

Perhaps it's the height and eye level of young children that makes them more observant about the flora and fauna around them.

Or maybe it is because as we grow older, our eyes, together with our materialistic desires, are set to see only bigger things.

As we eradicate more and more of our natural environment to build taller offices, condominiums and shopping malls that will awe the grown-ups, we tend to forget to leave some space for the younger generation.

Space for them to be amazed by the simple things such as an eight legged spider weaving its web, a colony of ants building an anthill, a host of shield bugs huddling together under a leaf, a grasshopper molting away its old skin or watch a stick insect slowly revealing itself from its camouflage.

While we had the chance to be amazed by the flora and fauna around us when we were younger, our next generation of children might not be able to experience the amazement of catching spiders, grasshoppers, butterflies and blowing dandelions.

Conserve what little nature we have left, so the children can continue to be amazed the same way that we had been during our younger days.

The pictures below were taken along Sungei Serangoon, on one of the Sengkang Park Connectors.

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