Monday, September 24, 2012

Lower Peirce Reservoir Macro 21 Sept 2012

It was a misty night as it had just rained in the north part of Singapore early that evening.

I was disappointed along the way to see wet roads as the rain would have chased the insects into the depths of the undergrowth of the reservoir park.

But it was fortunate that some of the insects were still at the edge of the undergrowth, unwilling to move deeper in because they have taken much time to create their large webs and habitats.

More of my Lower Peirce experience and how to get there at this link here!
Read Wikipedia's entry on the Huntsman Spider.

Feeding time of a newly molted grasshopper

Amazingly long stick insect (>20cm) with a drop of dew on its head

A species of the Huntsman Spider

Another Huntsman

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