Monday, December 23, 2013

Korean Winter Sonata 11-17 Dec 2013

It was a winter wonderland trip for the kids in Korea.

Theme parks, snow, ski resorts, spas and hours of coach rides.

All set to board plane

Leanne and Alice


Isabel, Charis, Leanna, Emmanuel and Wei Yang

Mummies and their daughters

Hiding in a corner from the cold

Nathaniel on carousel

Isabel on carousel

Aunt Jaey and Christine making Kimchi

Children having fun


Isabel in traditional Korean attire

Christine in Everland

William and Charis

All geared to have fun in the snow!

Wrapped up in thermals and winterwear

The Neo family

This boy was very out of hand during the trip..

Clowning boys

Best picture I took in Korea and I didn't even have to leave the hotel room for this shot!

Aunt Jaey posing with bovine

7 was the name of the Korean cameraman taking this picture

My pretty firstborn oblivious that I was taking this picture

The 2 most important women in my life

Always ready to pose for me

Our local tour guide Paul

Pomegranate juice stall in the Xmas markets at Myongdong, Korea 

So many pictures were taken but not all are posted above.
For full album, please click on this link...

Slide show of entire album

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