Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Isabel Neo (7 Dec 2014)

She wanted a party on her 10th birthday so she can have some friends come over to celebrate with her.

So we organized a party on 7 Dec 2014, just over a week before her actual birthday [17 Dec ], at home for her friends to attend.

Waiting for her friends to arrive

What have you been doing for the December holidays?

Munch Munch

More friends arriving

Parents are welcomed too!

What a spread

Desserts made personally by Mrs Neo

Don't they look nice?


Pin the tail (Angry Bird Version)

I think I can do this

Feel for the bum

Jedi wannabe



When the candy drops on the floor, everyone went crazy

Happy Children

First double digit birthday

Family portrait

Rest of album can be seen at this link

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