Friday, January 30, 2015

Birthday Dinner with Aunt Jaey at Merchant Court Hotel 30 Jan 2015

For our favourite aunt, dinner is on us tonight!
We had dinner at Merchant Court Hotel with Aunty Jaey.
After our dinner, we had a relaxing stroll along Clarke Quay.

Nate's favourite Grandaunt

She gave Nathaniel a big Angry Bird jar filled with jelly!

Aunty Jaey with Christine

Nathaniel asking permission for more sweets

Stroll at Clarke Quay after dinner

Another candid snap of Aunty Jaey with the kids

Nathaniel was tired after the heavy dinner

After some encouragement from No.5 姑婆, he smiled for the camera

Nate's infamous clown grin

Mrs Neo happy hour!

Nate funny face #1

Nate funny face #2

Christine happy with dinner #1

Christine happy with dinner #2

Christine happy with dinner #3

All spent

At the hotel on 30 January 2015, which hosted our wedding dinner in December 2003.

Our 2 monkeys

Actually, it is one monkey(Isabel) and one cow(Nathaniel)

Isabel Neo

Mrs Neo

Mrs Neo checking our booking for dinner

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