Thursday, September 22, 2011

Singapore F1 eve of training race

Since I do not have any Singapore F1 2011 tickets, I couldn't take pictures of the actual race.

Well, the tracks are all lit up on the eve of the first race and I thought I try my luck to see if I can walk into the area.

I'd always drive past the ECP Rochor exit and there is a small footpath along the exit that allows a good shot to the starting line.. And since the roads were closed that night, I had to park quite some distance away and walk towards the highway..

Here are the pictures I took at 2am on 22 Sept 2011.

I also tried some creative effects with Gimp to create the tilt-shift [ toy camera ] effect.

Instructions can be found here.
The result of this effect makes everything looks like miniature. See pic below.

"I built this diorama of the Singapore F1 circuit starting line!"

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