Wednesday, May 29, 2013

After another long break of other distractions

It's been some time since I last took any pictures as I was in the midst of clearing out my APS-C body and lens..

The 60D which has served me well during its short tenure was sold.
The 17-55mm took a longer time before a good buyer came along..
That 17-55mm EF-S USM f/2.8 with Image Stabilization lens will be the lens I will miss most.

Versatile and well-built with aperture of 2.8 and fantastically fast focus motor via its USM and image stabilization.

The new camera body that I own now is the full frame Canon 6D and the kit lens Canon 24-105mm f.4 IS.  No doubt the lens produces sharp images in the focal range that overlapped my previous 17-55mm, the aperture is still less than desired at f4.

I guess I will have to deal with lesser bokeh with this lens.

The 6D has got some fancy function of using its inbuilt wifi to connect to smartphones in order to remote capture or view the images in the SD card. That is the main reason why I bought this particular full frame body.

Though there was a little snag of the original LP-E6 battery having a loose particle in it and rattled whenever it was shaken, Canon(Singapore) Customer Service Center replaced it with a new battery when I visited them less than 7 days after purchasing the camera.

The new battery is charging as this post is being composed.

Watch this space to compare my old and new pictures..
Crop sensor vs Full frame sensor.

Will it produce better pictures?

The audience will know...

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