Friday, May 31, 2013

Janessa and Ethan 9th Birthday Party at NSRCC 30 May 2013

Isabel was invited for her classmate's(St Hilda's Primary School) birthday party on the 30th May 2013..

We'd only realised her friend had a fraternal twin brother when we reached the party's location.

Nonetheless, Janessa and Ethan's parents were great hosts and the food was splendid.
Many children were present and all of them had a great time.

9 candles for the twins

Older of the twins

L-R: Janessa(Bday gal), Isabel, Jaime, Leanne

The food was splendid.
(His 13th BBQ chicken wing, he said)

Our delightful hosts and their children

Family shot

Say cheese!
The entire album can be viewed at this link..

Slideshow of album

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