Friday, August 20, 2010

Futile Macro Attempt

There was a grasshopper whom made a temporary home at my corridor.
It was seen hanging around my money plant for at least 2 days.

So I decided to take a picture of this unexpected guest late one night... Surprisingly, it was still around the same spot..


And now I know, why they say macro photography is not just about the lens.
Besides having to creep up to the subject to within 5cm distance with my intimidating lens, and having to steady my hands with the DSLR that was attached with an external flash. Let's just say that the Canon 40D isn't exactly a lightweight camera.

My hands were shaking uncontrollably when I took the photos and the more I tried to stabilize my hands, the more it shook. I believed I spent 5 minutes at squatting at the corridor, taking more than 10 shots of the same subject within this time and holding the weight of the camera,flash,lens on my hands all this time..

Some slight aching especially on the forearms after the shoot.

Having a macro lens doesn't instantly mean being able to take great macro photos!

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