Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ( Dairy Farm Entrance ) 24th March 2012

Feeling the need to try something different, I took the courage to use the Raynox DC-250 with my 100mm macro lens.

This Raynox magnification adapter had been lying in my dry cabinet for the longest time. The reason why I have not been using it because it is unable to allow the lens (coupled with the adapter) to focus to infinity.

The ability to focus to infinity allows me to track the insect through the lens as I am a considerable distance away from it. As I move nearer to the subject, I adjust my focusing without moving my eye away from the viewfinder. With the Raynox, I have to start my distance to the subject considerably nearer before any faint outline of it appears on my viewfinder. The depth of field of clarity of the intended subject becomes very narrow as the lens no longer can focus to infinity.

In short, I can move in from a distance of 1 meter away and slowly creep nearer while maintaining my sight and focus of the subject with my eye constantly on the viewfinder. But with the Raynox, my distance must be less than 10cm away from the subject, else it will not even appear on the viewfinder. The starting distance is very near and sometimes, the subject gets too sensitive and flies or hops away before I can achieve a good focus.

The location was at Dairy Farm Road entrance of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
The time was 1 am.

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Saw several molting grasshoppers and a long horn beetle as I moved inwards to the reserve.

1st molting  hopper
2nd molting hopper
Long Horn Beetle
Cute Small Red Hopper
Some small fly which I used the Raynox adapter to focus with
Compound eyes!
Wriggling caterpillar

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