Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mating Couples at Venus Drive 6th March 2012

Venus Drive on a hot afternoon has nothing much except some medium sized spiders and the mating fly species shown on the first picture. ( Identified from Frederick Ho's blog as the Micropezid Fly aka Mimegralla Albimana )

It must be mating season for this species as many mating couples was seen on the leaves, doing it in the open in clear view of predators.

I guess when it's mating season, the urge to mate supersedes the need to survive...
Or perhaps the importance of survival as a species supersedes the importance of survival as an individual.

Micropezid fly ( Mimegralla Albimana )
The male was salivating while mating. She must be very desirable.

Grasshopper resting and posing for the camera

This hopper was quite docile as we approached it from many angles

Wide Jaw Viciria Spider staring through the lens into my eye!
Identified via Nicky Bay's blog

Almost ready to attack

Looks like a silkworm?

Not sure the species of this winged insect?

Another Wide Jaw Viciria staring

Slideshow of all the pics taken during this shoot

Next shoot to be nightshoot. No more day shoots ok, Alex?

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